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stitching is done with both quality and durability in mind. construction seams are sewn with mettler metrosene and/or gutterman thread. raw fabric edges are serged - giving a clean, professional look that guards against fraying. garment hems are either double-turned or bound. appliques are sewn with a tight satin stitch in an array of colors complementing the final design. great care and time is taken to produce a piece that will withstand years of washing and use all sewing is done with any combination of 3 machines:

  • janome harmony 8080 home sewing machine
  • 197? pfaff industrial straight-stitcher
  • elna 925 dcx 5-thread serger

    fabrics are selected on the basis of caliber and color. every piece is constructed with new, high-quality fabrics -- never with cloth harvested from old clothing or from flatfold cottons. recycled fabrics have often lost a degree of durability, making them inappropriate for use in new constructions. flatfolds have a lower thread count than bolt fabrics and are more likely to have design flaws.

    quilt batting will always be 100% cotton as polyester content in batting will tend to migrate through the quilt's fabrics after time, creating a white 'fuzz' on the quilt surface). all fabrics are prewashed before cutting and assembly; this prevents garment shrinkage and color-bleeding with future washings. all faeriebuzz garments, accessories and quilts are fully guaranteed. any and all repairs will be made, free of charge, for the viable life of the garment. this offer extends from error in sewing technique to the accidental fabric tear. if something must be returned, please contact me so i know what to expect and can give an estimated turn-around time. the buyer will be responsible for all shipping and optional (recommended) insurance charges to and from anchorage, alaska. i offer to fix problems not originating in my own studio first because i feel i may know best how to correct the problem and will have the appropriate materials to do so, but also to preserve the quality of the piece. my intention is that my garments last a lifetime and my quilts be of heirloom quality.


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